Caroma Peak Review: E-Scooter or E-Bike? You Decide!

Caroma Peak Overall Rating: 7.14

Ride Quality
Controls / Display

Caroma Peak

$ 300 00
500w Motor
Top Speed 20mph
25 Miles Of Range
Large 14in Tires
Foldable Stem

What Is An Electric Scooter Bike?

An electric scooter bike is a hybrid cross between an electric scooter and an electric bike. The Caroma electric scooter bike is a perfect example. The Caroma Peak has a 9″ wide deck with plenty of room for your feet and parts of the frame that are similar to electric scooters, while the larger 14-inch tires and adjustable seat are features you would find on an electric bike. I first saw these hybrid electric scooter bikes a few months ago and was curious about how they rode. I like sitting down on my electric scooter sometimes, but the smaller tires on a scooter can produce a rougher ride. The larger tires on the Caroma Peak electric scooter bike smooth out the ride and give you more control, similar to riding an electric bike.


Is The Caroma Peak Electric Scooter Bike Powerful?

The Caroma Peak has a 500-watt brushless motor with an 819-watt peak, which will easily get you up hills at an acceptable speed. This electric scooter bike has three speed modes to choose from, which limits the top speed. ECO mode limits your speed to 10mph, Drive mode is 15.5 mph, and Sport mode gets you to the top speed of 20mph. This assures you won’t go faster than the speed mode you have it set to. In my testing, it took 13 seconds to reach 20mph. So its not going to break any speed records, but it wasn’t the slowest I tested. The 819-watt peak motor will easily get you up 15° inclines with ease. So if you live in a hilly area, you shouldn’t have any problems unless you are going straight up a mountain.

How’s The Stopping Power On The Caroma Peak?

The Caroma Peak is equipped with front and rear disc brakes. This was my least favorite feature of this particular electric scooter bike. While the brakes had no problem stopping you in an emergency, they were very jerky when slowing down gradually, as you would on a typical ride. I checked the rotors and rims to see if they were bent, and I could not find any reason for the jerkiness of the brakes. I am not sure if this is typical on all of their electric scooter bikes or if it was just mine. If you watch my video, you can see this in action.

man sitting on an electric scooter bike on a golf course.

Can Adults Ride The Caroma Peak Electric Scooter Bike?

The Caroma Peak is the right size for kids, teens, and adults. Caroma offers a few different configurations of the Caroma Peak. They offer a model with a built-in seat and one with an adjustable seat. I would recommend the model with the built-in seat only for shorter riders. 

With a fixed seat you don’t have the ability to adjust the seat higher for taller riders. Fortunately, there is a model for us taller folks with an adjustable seat. I am 5′ 11″ and this allows me to adjust the seat higher so I don’t feel so cramped while riding the Caroma Peak. There is one advantage to the fixed seat option, and that is that it has suspension. Caroma has equipped the fixed seat option with front and rear hydraulic suspension while the adjustable seat option does not have suspension. It does cost you $10 more, but for shorter riders, it may be worth it. For taller riders, ride comfort when riding outweighs the extra cushion of the suspension on the fixed seat model.

Comparing the fixed seat and adjustable seat options on the Caroma Peak electric scooter

Can I fit The Caroma Peak In My Trunk Or SUV??

The Caroma Peak is equipped with a 48-volt 7.8-ah battery, which gives this electric scooter bike a range of up to 25 miles on a charge. It takes about 4 hours to charge the scooter bike from empty. Most of the time, you won’t be draining your battery all the way to 0%, so charging time will be shorter most of the time. One thing to note is that you have to turn the battery on underneath the deck by using the key. The key adds an extra layer of security by allowing you to turn the battery off and remove the key if you take it on errands and need to leave the electric scooter bike outside. After turning the key on you can then power on the Caroma Peak from the LCD screen in the cockpit.

Is the Caroma Peak Electric Scooter Bike Portable?

The Caroma Peak is extremely portable and the perfect companion for everyday riding. Both models have foldable handlebars, and one of the models has the ability to adjust down the seat to make the Caroma Peak more compact, so it easily fits into your trunk or the back of your SUV. Weighing around 50lbs, I found the Caroma Peak easy to lift and put in the back of my SUV to take to the beach or a park for a ride. When folded, the Caroma Peak’s dimensions are 49″ x 24″ x 9″, which should fit in the trunk of almost any vehicle. The Caroma Peak is the perfect scooter to leave in your vehicle for those spontaneous rides.

a picture showing the variety of choices available for the Caroma Peak

How’s The Ride Quality Of The Caroma Peak?

Overall, the ride quality on the Caroma Peak is nice. I must point out that when I first received it, the tires were not set correctly on the rim, so it produced what felt like a lump in my tires. I deflated both tires and reset them on the rim, and the problem went away. The larger 14″ tires make the ride feel more like an electric bike than an electric scooter. Its a much smoother ride, especially going over bumps in the sidewalk and valley curbs, etc. The larger tires also make the Caroma Peak more maneuverable than an electric scooter, increasing your control and turning radius.

One feature brought from the electric scooter is the nice, 9″-wide scooter deck. Caroma gives us plenty of room on the deck for both feet side by side, even for larger feet. The model I tested had an adjustable seat similar to what you would find on an e-bike. The height is adjustable for taller riders, which I am, and the angle of the seat can also be adjusted to your liking, much like an e-bike. There are probably more comfortable seats out there, but the seat that came on the Peak wasn’t bad. The handlebar height is also adjustable, which again makes this electric scooter bike a great choice for taller riders but can be easily adjusted down for smaller riders.

I took the Caroma Peak on quite a few of my longer routes, and it did quite well. I consistently got around 11–14 miles of range during my test rides. I always rode in speed mode 3 and went as fast as possible most of the time. The range depends on the rider’s weight, the riding surface, and how fast you ride. So a lighter rider will get more range, while a heavier rider will get less range. I think the 12 or so-mile range I got during my testing was acceptable for an electric scooter bike that costs $300. Its the perfect low-cost electric scooter bike for short trips to the store, errands around town, getting around campsites, or rides around the neighborhood.




  • The Price Is VERY Affordable!

    At just $300, the Caroma Peak is very affordable. Its perfect for the beginner that is trying to get into electric scooters on a budget.

  • Powerfull 500-watt motor

    Most electric scooter bikes this size have 350-watt motors while Caroma Peak has a 500-watt motor. The extra power is really nice!

  • Strong Light Aluminum Frame

    The Caroma Peak is made with high strength and corrosion resistant aluminum assuring strength while being lightweight at the same time.

  • Folds For Portability

    The handlebars and seat fold down to make the Peak more compact and should fit easily in your trunk or SUV.

  • 14" Tires Increases Comfort And Maneuverability

    The 14" tires make the ride much more like an e-bike than an electric scooter. Its more comfortable, easier to control and smoother over bumps.


  • Brakes Are Very jerky At Slower Speeds

    The brakes are by far the worst feature on this scooter. When applying the brakes, you jerk back and forth pretty badly.

  • I Wish The Range Was Better

    While Caroma says you can get up to 25 miles on a charge, I was only able to reach around 12 miles. Its not really good for long trips.

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