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KZ ZS10 Pro IEM Review

KZ IEM Review

The KZ ZS10 Pro’s are a very popular choice for newcomers that are interested in what an IEM sounds like. Don’t get me wrong, they are not a beginner set of IEM’s. But they are one of the more popular sets that give you great sound quality without breaking the bank.

The KZ ZS10 Pro in-ear monitor is an upgraded version of the former ZS10 model. It has 4 balanced armature drivers and 1 piece Second Generation 10mm double magnetic dynamic driver. This improves the bass range compared to the former ZS10 model.

The mid-range is powered by 50060 balanced armature and 30095 high-frequency armature driver, which brings much brighter definition on music. Additionally, this IEM has a separate electric frequency crossover and acoustic structure, which allows for clearer and smoother sound. 

The 2 pin design on this earphone effectively protects the insertion pin from breaking and prolongs the usage. Furthermore, it has a 0.75mm 6N OFC cable with gold plated standard 3.5mm jack design, which provides better sound quality signal transmission.

To add to its durability and fashionable appearance, the KZ ZS10 pro uses a 304 stainless steel shell and resin as the major structure material. These IEM’s come in 3 colors. Balck, Blue and Purple. In summary, the KZ ZS10 Pro is an exceptional choice for anyone who wants a durable, fashionable, and high-quality earphone with clear and smooth sound.

Check out my review above and see how I liked these IEM’s after using them for a few months. If you want to purchase a pair of these IEM’s I have a link below that will take you directly to them!

Purchase The ZS10 Pro IEM’s

Undoubtedly, the KZ ZS10 Pro’s mark the beginning of my IEM journey and sparked my affection for this type of earphone. The sound quality is truly unparalleled and surpasses any other earbuds or headphones I have experienced. Additionally, the design fits comfortably in my ear without protruding too much. To optimize the listening experience, I recommend acquiring foam tips for a snugger fit and a better seal, along with an upgraded cable to avoid any tangling frustrations. It’s noteworthy that the KZ ZS10 Pro is available in three distinctive colors, and I have conveniently provided links to all three options below.


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