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KZ ZEX Review

The KZ ZEX IEM is a remarkable new model that boasts an innovative feature: the inclusion of an electret electrostatic driver. This makes it the first KZ IEM to use such a driver, which is typically more expensive and requires an amplifier. However, KZ has developed the electret electrostatic driver to be pre-charged, which means it doesn’t require extra power.

3 Colors Available

The KZ ZEX comes in three color options and has a mic or no mic cable to choose from, which gives you options depending on your needs. Additionally, the ZEX design is incredibly comfortable, thanks to its aluminum faceplate and resin shells. The shape of the IEMs fits nicely inside ears, and they don’t stick out too far, allowing you to wear them for longer periods of time without any discomfort.

What Type Of Connector Does The KZ ZEX Have?

The KZ ZEX cable has a 2 pin connector, also called a C-Pin connector, which is a very stable connection via two 0.75mm pins that insert into the IEMs. The cable is a silver IEM flat cable that is a significant upgrade from the old twisted brown cable. This new cable doesn’t get tangled, making it easier to manage and store.

The KZ ZEX IEMs come with a 3.5mm connector, which makes it easy to plug into any headphone jack. If your device doesn’t have a headphone jack, you can purchase an adapter for your charge port or a Bluetooth cable for IEMs, enabling you to use your ZEX IEMs wirelessly!

How Does The KZ ZEX Sound?

When it comes to sound, the KZ ZEX tuning is definitely bass and mid forward, with the highs pulled back. Compared to the KZ ZS10 Pros, they are a complete 180° as far as sound is concerned. While the KZ ZS10 Pro IEMs are heavy on the treble and light on the bass and mids, the KZ ZEX IEM is a lot more bass and mids with less treble. This is great because the ZEX IEMs don’t hurt your ears with intense treble, allowing you to listen for an extended period of time without any fatigue.

Overall, the KZ ZEX IEM is a fantastic new addition to the KZ line of products, with impressive features, comfort, and sound quality. Upgrade your IEM experience with the KZ ZEX.

Purchase The KZ ZEX IEM

The KZ ZEX is a true revelation that caught me off guard. It’s remarkable how much value you get for the price. I was pleasantly surprised by the electret electrostatic driver which produces remarkable sound quality. And by the exceptional comfort level of these IEMs. The ZEX is available in two colors, black and grey. It comes with the option of a microphone or no microphone as well.

If you’re interested in purchasing these IEMs, I’ve provided links below for both the black and grey versions of the KZ ZEX. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to elevate your music listening experience!

KZ x Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro)

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