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Yadea Elite Prime: The Ultimate SUV Commuter Scooter!

yadea elite prime electric scooter on a sidewalk in the sunlight with a helmet.

Welcome to my in-depth review of the Yadea Elite Prime, the SUV electric scooter that’s taking the market by storm in 2023. This scooter is perfect for urban commuters, with a long range and maneuverability that make it ideal for getting to work or exploring the city.

When it comes to the world of electric scooters, few have piqued my curiosity as much as the Yadea Elite Prime. Branded as the “SUV of electric scooters,” this scooter promises both luxury and efficiency. After spending several weeks zipping around the city on it, I’m here to provide a detailed elite prime scooter review of my experiences on the Yadea Elite Prime!.

If you’re a visual learner, I encourage you to watch my comprehensive YouTube video review below. For a more detailed written analysis, continue reading to learn why the Yadea Elite Prime is the undisputed “SUV of electric scooters.”

yadea elite prime electric scooter on a sidewalk in the sunlight with a helmet.

Watch My Detailed YouTube Review And Test Ride

Diving into the Features of the Yadea Elite Prime

Motor Power: 

With a robust 800W motor that can peak at a staggering 1500W, the elite prime electric scooter effortlessly marries power with grace. Whether you’re gliding through city streets or taking on more challenging terrains, the scooter’s consistent power output ensures a ride that’s both thrilling and smooth. On my hill tests I was able to easily tackle slopes at 30° or more and still sustain a speed of 10-12mph. The extra peak power given to the Elite Prime allows you to climb almost any hill or slope you may encounter on your ride.

Yadea Elite Prime Battery Specs

Battery: The Powerhouse

The heart of the Yadea electric scooter is its 46.8Volt, 14.5Ah automotive grade 21700 Ternary Lithium Battery. Compared with LiFePO4 battery, the energy of ternary lithium battery is higher. The energy density of LiFePO4 battery is at the range of 90-160Wh/kg, while ternary lithium battery can reach 250Wh/kg and normally range from 170-200Wh/kg. (DNK)

Charging fully in just 7-8 hours, it’s ready to power your commutes and adventures without keeping you tethered to a socket for too long. Its advanced battery management system (BMS) gives the battery a longer life, for years of great rides. Regenerative brakes let you charge up while riding, when you hit the brakes, ElitePrime turns the momentum into juice for your battery, allowing you to go further!

Elite Prime Speed and Range: 

Topping out at 18.6MPH, the Yadea Elite Prime offers a speed that’s optimal for urban environments. Its thoughtful balance between speed and safety makes it a great choice for the urban commuter. Plus, its impressive 40-mile range on a single charge means fewer pit stops on the way and more exploration and fun. At first I wasn’t impressed with the 18.6mph top speed. But after riding it for a while I realized its the perfect speed for what it is intended for. While I didnt run the Elite Prime’s battery to empty, I was able to take a 25 mile ride and come back with around 45% battery. So the 40 mile range stated by Yadea is probably really close in real world settings which is rare to see. 

Yadea Elite Prime electric scooter outside in front of palm trees.

The Frame and Tires: Engineering Excellence

Built with strong, lightweight aluminum, the scooter’s frame promises durability for many years to come. Aluminum is lightweight but strong ensuring the backbone of the Elite Prime is strong. As someone who’s tested countless scooters, the 10” self-healing tires truly blew me away. Minor punctures fix themselves, ensuring uninterrupted, worry-free rides.

The tires are thinner than most at just 2.7 inches. But this helps enable the Elite Prime to be extremely maneuverable. If I were to ever get a flat I am not sure how to get the wheel off. Usually there are nuts on both sides, but on the Elite Prime you only have one swing arm and there is not nut easily accessible.

Steering: An Absolute Dream For The Commuter

The steering on the Elite Prime is unique  in that its really loose and easy to turn. This has its benefits and its drawbacks. For an urban commuter this electric scooter allows you to easily steer around traffic or people on sidewalks during your commute. On the downside, the Elite Prime can easily get the speed wobbles at top speed because the steering is so loose and maneuverable. So no one handed riding to scratch your nose on the Elite Prime. You can easily crash the scooter if you do. This is one of the reasons I think Yadea limited the Elite Prime to 18.6mph.

Polymer Suspension: Smoothness Defined

Front and rear polymer suspension bring about a ride so smooth, it feels like you’re gliding on air. From uneven city streets to those unexpected potholes, the Yadea ensures that the rider feels minimal bumps no matter what surface you are riding on. I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet, soft and smooth the suspension was. There was no sound from springs or hydraulic suspension like I’m used to. The Elite Prime’s polymer suspension offers a smooth comfortable SUV caliber ride to your destination. 

Yadea customer service team

Warranty & Customer Service

Yadea offer an industry leading warranty and great customer service when you purchase an Elite Prime. The scooter has a 12 month warranty on the frame, brakes, controller and the motors. While they offer 6 months warranty on batteries, chargers, brake levers, throttle shifters, tires, inner tubes. When you place an order your order will be processed and your Elite Prime will ship out in 3-5 days. And the best part is that Yadea will get you your scooter is 5-7 days and pay for the shipping! Yes Yadea offers FRE SHIPPING on all of their electric scooters. To see Yadea’s full warranty in detail click here.

Yadea Elite Prime Battery Specs
Yadea Elite Prime electric scooter outside in front of palm trees.
Yadea customer service team

Final Thoughts

In the bustling realm of electric scooters, the Yadea Elite Prime has undeniably established its place as the “SUV of electric scooters.” With its remarkable range, efficient self-healing tires, and intuitive safety features, it offers a blend of power and finesse that’s hard to find elsewhere. Its status is further cemented by its impeccable build quality, especially when considering its robust frame and innovative polymer suspension, making it a worthy contender for the title of the “best electric scooter for commuting” in 2023.

While it does have its shortcomings – like the steering concerns and a top speed that some might find lacking – its pros undoubtedly outweigh its cons. The comprehensive app integration, along with the immersive “X mode”, solidifies its position as a top-tier commuter scooter for adults.

The price of $1,499.99 is a testament to the value it offers, striking a balance between premium features and affordability. For those convinced that the Yadea Elite Prime is their next commuting companion, I’ve conveniently placed a link below if you want to purchase an Elite Prime. 

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