Unagi Voyager: Rent Your Way to Speed & Freedom For $69!

The Unagi Model One Voyager electric scooter is one of the sleekest, lightest, and most powerful electric scooters for its size, I have reviewed. Some people call it the iPhone of electric scooters because of the attention to detail and the quality materials used, including space-age carbon fiber and magnesium alloy. There are a couple downsides, including the solid rubber tires and the price. But does that outweigh the benefits? In this review, I will go over the Unagi Voyager’s features and specs in detail, tell you how the Unagi all-access rental program works, give you my personal experience riding the Voyager, and help you decide if the Unagi Voyager is the right electric scooter for you!

Unagi Voyager Overall Rating = 7.75

Ride Quality
Controls / Display

Unagi Voyager

$ 1490 / $69 00
Dual 250w Motors
Top Speed 21mph
25 Miles Of Range
Very Portable At 29.6lbs
Toray Carbon Fiber Stem

How Does Unagi All Access Rental Program Work?

Forget shelling out a grand for a scooter! Unagi’s innovative rental program lets you experience the thrill of electric scootering without the hefty price tag. It’s like the Netflix of scooters—choose your all-access plan, hit the throttle, and explore your city with the freedom and convenience of on-demand rides.

Does Unagi All-Access Have A Contract?

Unlike owning a scooter, Unagi’s all-access program adapts to your life. There are no long-term contracts or hidden fees here! Modify or cancel your membership anytime, hassle-free. It’s urban mobility tailored to your dynamic needs, delivered with the ease of Netflix.

How long does it take for Unagi scooter to deliver?

Order your sleek Unagi scooter and watch it roll up to your doorstep in just 3 days, free of charge. Assembly? Forget about it! These scooters are designed for simplicity, so after installing four screws, you can be zipping around town in minutes. Unagi streamlines every step, making your transition to smarter commuting as smooth as a freshly paved bike lane.

What Does Unagi Insurance Cover?

Unlike the usual repair nightmares with traditional scooters, Unagi takes a proactive approach. Even a flat tire isn’t a big deal; they send out a replacement scooter right away, minimizing your downtime and maximizing your ride time. No expensive repairs, no waiting weeks for overseas shipments—just pure riding confidence.

Does Unagi All-Access Cover Maintenance?

Theft got you spooked? Relax; your Unagi comes with built-in theft insurance. No sleepless nights or stolen fun—simply report it, and they’ll handle the rest. Unagi takes your scooter’s safety as seriously as you do, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

What If I Want To Upgrade?

With Unagi’s all-access program, the future of commuting is always a click away. Easily upgrade to their latest and greatest models for a small increase in your monthly fee. It’s not just a new scooter; it’s a step into the future of smart, efficient urban travel. Ride in style with the most advanced features at your fingertips—the evolution of scooting starts here.

Unagi Model One Voyager Features & Specs

Unagi Voyager On a golf cart path
  • Performance:
    • Dual 250W motors (500W peak each)
    • Top speed: 15 mph (with optional hack: 20 mph)
    • Range: 12-25 miles
    • 32nm of torque
    • One-click folding mechanism
    • Climbs 15% grade hills
    • Dual motor/single motor mode option
  • Ride Quality:
    • 7.5″ solid tires (air pockets for comfort)
    • Magnesium handlebars
    • Wide deck for stable footing
    • Thumb throttle electronic brake
    • Mechanical rear brake
  • Tech & Design:
    • Toray carbon fiber stem (33% lighter than aluminum)
    • Patented one-click folding mechanism
    • Self-locking fold
    • Integrated LED headlight and taillight
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Mobile app for control and monitoring
  • Other:
    • Weight: 29.6 lbs
    • Available in 4 colors
    • Optional Cinch Lock available
Unagi Voyager On a golf cart path

Unagi Model One Voyager Ride Experience

This scooter launches like a rocket! With dual 250W motors, the Voyager delivers smooth, responsive power, leaving other scooters in the dust. Forget slow starts; you’ll be zipping away from traffic lights in no time. One of my favorite features of the Model One Voyager is the thumb throttle and electronic brake controls. By now, most companies are moving to the thumb throttle, so that’s not much of a surprise. What I am super excited about is the thumb electronic brake. The only other electric scooter I know of that has implemented this properly is the Apollo Phantom V3.

How Does The Thumb Brake Work On The Unagi Voyager?

If you are not familiar with this, let me explain. Just like your throttle input gives you more throttle as you press more and more on the throttle, the same goes for your brake. Now you can control your electronic braking precisely, just like your throttle. A little input gives you a little braking, and a lot of input gives you a lot of braking. Up until now, most electric scooters have at least one disc brake and some kind of pre-programmed electronic braking, but the Unagi model One Voyager is unique, along with the Apollo Phantom V3, in having a truly precise way of controlling your braking. I exclusively use the thumb brake on my Apollo Phantom, and I am glad its my only option on the Model One Voyager.

Do Solid Tires Affect The Ride Quality?

The ride quality of the Model One Voyager is not one of my favorite parts of this electric scooter. Its probably the only thing I don’t like about it. The Voyager has 7.5″ solid rubber tires and no suspension. This means that you are going to feel pretty much every bump on any surface you ride on. Unagi did create little air pockets around the outside of the tire but its still not enough to make the ride “comfortable.” If Unagi added 7.5″ pneumatic tires, this would be the perfect scooter, in my opinion. I guess the only pro to solid tires is you don’t ever have to worry about getting a flat tire. So I will give them that! Don’t get me wrong, the ride is not horrible. But its a big change from the pneumatic tires I’m used to.

How Fast Is The Unagi Voyager?

With its dual 250-watt motors (500-watt peak each), the Model One Voyager accelerates to its new top speed of 20mph in just seconds. Its one of the fastest-accelerating scooters I’ve tested in this category. What’s unique is instead of one 500-watt motor in the rear like most other companies do, the Unagi model One voyager has two 250-watt motors, which helps with going up hills and that burst of acceleration. You can control whether you want a single motor or dual motor in the app or on the scooter. 

The Unagi Voyager Gives You Precise Control Over Your Ride

However, here’s where the Voyager shines again: the precise thumb throttle and electronic brake control. Forget clunky levers and jerky stops! This intuitive system mirrors your throttle input, letting you brake with the same smooth responsiveness you use to accelerate. It’s a total game-changer for confident, controlled riding, and definitely ranks as one of my favorite features.

Overall, the Unagi Model One Voyager is a speed demon with innovative features and undeniable practicality. While the solid tires might compromise on comfort, the lightning-fast acceleration, precise controls, and dual motor versatility make it a compelling choice for urban thrill-seekers who prioritize performance and convenience.




  • Thumb Electronic Brake!!!

    The thumb electronic brake is my favorite feature of the Unagi Voyager. It allows precise control of your braking, which is not found on many scooters.

  • Its A Sexy Looking Scooter!

    The Unago Voyager is probably the nicest looking electric scooter I have reviewed. The Voyager has a sleek design made possible by carbon fiber.

  • Made With High Quality Materials!

    The Voyager is made with space-age carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, just to name a few. This gives the Voyager the ability to be strong and lightweight at the same time.

  • You Can Rent For $69 A Month!

    Unagi's All Access program allows you to rent the Voyager for just $69 a month. Loss and theft prevention and maintenance are included in the price!

  • One-Click Folding Mechanism!

    The folding mechanism is easy to use and locks in place in a second. No hooks or loops to worry about!

  • Super Easy To Assemble!

    With just 4 screws to attach the cockpit to the stem, you have assembled the Unagi Voyager. That's it!


  • Solid Tires Are Not My Cup Of Tea!

    The 7.5" solid tires provide a rough ride compared to pneumatic tires. While you don't ever have to worry about a flat, the ride quality you are sacrificing is not worth it, in my opinion.

  • Lots Of Stem Wobble!

    While I am confident the carbon fiber stem, aluminum frame, and magnesium cockpit are strong enough, the Voyager does have quite a bit of stem wobble. I believe this has to do with the folding mechanism.

  • Price Is Pretty Steep!

    The Unagi Voyager is not a cheap scooter. Its made with very expensive materials of the highest quality. That does come with a price of $1490.00. I would suggest trying the rental program for $69 a month.

Final Thoughts On The Unagi Voyager....

Stepping off the Unagi Model One Voyager, I’m left with a mix of excitement and thoughtful consideration. Its speed and agility are undeniable—it’s one of the fastest scooters I’ve tested at this small, compact size, and the precise thumb throttle and brake controls offer a level of control that’s truly impressive. 

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the impact of the solid tires. While they eliminate the worry of flats, they do compromise comfort, especially on longer rides or rough terrain. The lack of suspension further contributes to a somewhat jarring ride. It’s a trade-off between performance and comfort that potential riders should carefully consider.

Despite this, I find myself wholeheartedly recommending the Unagi Model One Voyager. It’s not the perfect fit for everyone, but for those who prioritize speed, control, and cutting-edge features, it’s a standout choice. The rental program adds an extra layer of convenience and affordability, making it even more accessible.

If you’re an urban adventurer seeking a scooter that blends excitement and practicality, the Voyager is worth a closer look. Just be prepared for a slightly bumpy ride in exchange for its exhilarating performance.

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Purchase Or Rent The Unagi Voyager!

Unagi Voyager

$ 1490 / $69 00
Dual 250w Motors
Top Speed 21mph
25 Miles Of Range
Very Portable At 29.6lbs
Toray Carbon Fiber Stem
Unagi model one voyager electric scooter on a golf course.

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