iEnyrid M4 Pro S+: Compact All-Terrain E-Scooter With A Seat

The iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ stands out as a remarkable compact All-Terrain electric scooter with a seat, gaining rapid popularity in the e-scooter market. In this comprehensive review, I’ll dissect the scooter’s specifications, features, and performance to offer you a crystal-clear insight into its capabilities. Whether you seek an electric scooter for urban commuting, work-related travel, or leisurely rides through park trails, this adult-friendly sit-down scooter is primed to conquer them all. Let’s dive into the specifics of the M4 Pro S+ electric scooter.


Motor Specifications:

800w motor on the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ Electric Scooter

πŸ”© The M4 Pro S+ boasts an 800W brushless rear motor, with a peak power capability of 1500W. This motor promises an enjoyable ride, especially for electric scooter enthusiasts. However, it’s worth noting that the acceleration might leave some riders wanting more. Starting from a standstill, it takes a bit of time to reach the top speed of 27–28 mph. Once you’ve gained momentum, the scooter becomes quite responsive. On another note, the M4 Pro S+ doesn’t perform as well on grassy terrain. During my tests on golf course grass, I experienced a significant drop in speed. It seemed like the motor lacked the necessary torque to maintain speed on shorter grass.

Battery specs of iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ Hobarts Reviews

Battery Specifications:

πŸ”‹ The M4 Pro S+ is powered by a robust 48V, 16Ah (768Wh) battery designed to offer extended rides of up to 30 miles on a single charge. Recharging the battery from a full drain takes approximately 6-8 hours, ensuring you’ll be back on the road in no time. During my testing, the upgraded 16Ah battery consistently delivered impressive range performance. I embarked on several rides spanning 12-15 miles, and even after these distances, I had only depleted 1 to 2 bars on the battery indicator. This exceptional range closely aligns with the manufacturer’s stated 30-mile range, a feature that sets the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ apart from many electric scooters. With this scooter, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

Range And Top Speed

πŸ›£ With an impressive battery range of up to 30 miles, the M4 Pro S+ becomes a versatile option for daily commuting and longer excursions within town. In practical terms, the real-world range may fall slightly, typically averaging around 20-25 miles, depending on factors such as rider weight and prevailing riding conditions. Nevertheless, this range remains highly commendable, especially for a scooter of this caliber. It’s worth noting that many electric scooters tend to overstate their range by as much as 50%. However, in my testing, I found the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ to be remarkably accurate in delivering the manufacturer’s stated range.

πŸš€ The iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ boasts commendable acceleration, making for an exciting ride. Out of the box, it includes a speed limiter, capping the top speed at 15.5 mph. However, for those seeking an extra thrill, there’s a special method to unlock the scooter’s full potential, enabling an impressive top speed of 28 mph, which is quite exhilarating. During my testing, I consistently reached this top speed, albeit with a bit of patience required to accelerate to it. Once you’re cruising at 28 mph, the ride becomes truly electrifying.

iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ Rear Brakes

Disc Brakes

πŸ›‘The M4 Pro S+ is equipped with both front and rear mechanical disc brakes, delivering dependable and efficient stopping power. I found these brakes to be highly impressive. Right from the start, they exhibited excellent performance and operated quietly, without any need for initial adjustments. This level of out-of-the-box functionality is a rarity in the electric scooter market today. However, if adjustments are ever necessary, the process is straightforward, whether at the handle grip or the brake caliper itself. Whether you’re navigating city streets or conquering steep hills, you can count on these brakes to provide a safe and controlled riding experience.

800w motor on the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ Electric Scooter
Battery specs of iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ Hobarts Reviews
iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ Rear Brakes

Multi-Colored Deck Lighting:

πŸ”† To enhance visibility during your rides, the M4 Pro S+ comes equipped with both a front headlight and a rear integrated brake light. The headlight emits a decent amount of brightness and is suitable for night riding, although I recommend considering a brighter light if you plan to ride extensively in the dark. Additionally, iEnyrid has added an extra touch of flair and safety to your nighttime rides by incorporating multicolored lights beneath the deck and left and right blinkers. These additional lights contribute to both style and safety. It’s important to note that the deck lights are synchronized with the headlight and tail light, meaning that if you have your headlight and tail light on, the multicolored deck lights will also be illuminated.

The front suspension of the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ electric scooter


The iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ offers a mixed experience in the suspension department. Beginning with the front suspension, it falls short of being my favorite feature on an electric scooter. While it does provide some level of cushioning over bumps, the overall experience is marred by the noise it generates. The front suspension can be loud and clunky, which detracts from what could otherwise be a smoother ride.

Conversely, the rear suspension tells a different story altogether. It stands out as superbβ€”quiet and highly effective in its performance. Given the exceptional quality of the rear suspension, it feels like a missed opportunity not to have implemented the same design upfront.

The front suspension of the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ electric scooter

Design & Features:

πŸ”In my opinion, the M4 Pro S+ is an aesthetically pleasing scooter. It sports a sleek black design with striking orangish copper-colored anodized accents on the suspension and handlebars, enhancing its visual appeal. The handlebars offer two key benefits: adjustability and foldability. This allows riders to customize the handlebar height for both standing and sitting positions, ensuring comfort during their journey. Furthermore, the foldable handlebars make storage and transportation a breeze, enabling you to fit the M4 Pro S+ into smaller spaces with ease.

The scooter also features a rubber-coated deck adorned with the iEnyrid logo, a significant improvement over traditional grip tape. It not only looks sleeker but also enhances grip and comfort. Additionally, iEnyrid provides a handle or footrest attachment for the back of the deck, facilitating standing riding. Installing this attachment is a straightforward process, requiring only the removal of the seat, and it proves to be quite user-friendly.

Ride Experience:

🏞 Now, moving beyond the specifications, let’s talk about the riding experience the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ offers. Once you start moving, you’ll notice that the motor is highly responsive, providing a satisfying and dynamic ride. The brakes on this scooter are among the best I’ve encountered on an electric scooter right out of the box. They inspire confidence every time you need to stop, contributing to a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

One notable feature is the presence of 10-inch off-road hybrid tires, which deliver both stability and comfort, even on challenging terrains. Whether you’re cruising the streets or venturing onto off-road trails, you can do so without concerns about traction. Furthermore, the adjustable handlebars allow you to fine-tune the handlebar height to your preference, whether you’re riding in a standing or sitting position.

For a more in-depth look at how the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ performs during rides, I encourage you to watch my video review below.

Pro's And Con's:

πŸ‘ Pros:

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Respectable top speed and range
  • Reliable and quiet braking system
  • Adjustable handlebars for comfort when sitting or standing
  • Loud and effective horn.
  • Affordable Price

πŸ‘Ž Cons:

  • Noisy front shocks
  • Short seat height for taller riders
  • Trigger throttle could be more ergonomic
  • Deck might be too short for comfortable standing
  • Slow acceleration from a standstill
  • Folding handlebars and mechanism might not be for everyone

In conclusion, the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ folding electric scooter with a seat emerges as a feature-packed, high-performance e-scooter that delivers exceptional value for its price. With its robust motor, extended-range battery, dependable brakes, and customizable handlebars, it promises a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience, suitable for both daily commuting and extended adventures. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, the overall package is undeniably impressive and well worth considering for anyone in search of a versatile and capable e-scooter.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ waterproof?

A: The M4 Pro S+ has an IP54 rating, providing medium protection against water.

Q: How much does the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ weigh?

A: The scooter weighs 24 kg or 53lbs.

Q: Does the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+ have a horn?

A: Yes, the scooter is equipped with a loud and beefy horn.

Q: Can you adjust the height of the handlebars on the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+?

A: Yes, the handlebars are adjustable, making it suitable for riders of different heights or whether you are standing or sitting.

Q: What is the top speed of the iEnyrid M4 Pro S+?

A: The tops speed is 28 mph.

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There are 2 ways to buy the M4 Pro S+. You can choose from Amazon or directly from iEnyrid.

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