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Addmotor CITYTRI E-310: Freedom on Three Wheels Like Never Before

CityTri E-310 Overall Rating: 9.14

Ride Quality
Controls / Display

CityTri E-310 Overall Rating: 9.14

Addmotor E-310

$ 1,999.00 00
750w Motor
Top Speed 24mph
90 Miles Of Range
Large Cargo Area
Foldable Frame & Stem
Addmotor CityTri E-310 riding on the street, popping a wheelie

Addmotor CityTri E-310 Introduction

The AddMotor CityTri E-310 electric trike has garnered attention for its blend of comfort, convenience, speed and practicality. Today we are going to dive deeper into its features, specifications, and performance, offering a comprehensive overview for you, the potential buyer. Most of you think that electric tricycles are for the older generation, and 99% of the time you would be correct. Addmotor makes electric trikes that are fast, high-quality, and in lots of different shapes and sizes. While most other e-trikes top out at 14 mph, the CityTri E-310 reaches a top speed of 22–24 mph and has 90 miles of range! Like I said, Addmotor is making electric trikes cool, and today we will explore the Addmotor CityTri E-310 so you can determine if an Addmotor E-Trike is right for you!

The Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 redefines urban commuting with its innovative design and unparalleled convenience. As a folding frame electric trike, the E-310 offers compactness without compromising on power or performance. Boasting a sleek and stylish design, the CITYTRI E-310 is available in five vibrant colors, including Candy Red, Yellow, Silver Gray, Neptune Blue, and Army Green. It also comes in 3 sizes to accommodate different size riders. Its aesthetic appeal is matched only by its functionality, making it a head-turner on city streets.

addmotor citytri e-310

Motor Power And Performance

Performance and range are equally impressive. Addmotor makes some of the fastest e-trikes on the market. I was extremely surprised when I was going 22mph on an e-trike, but let me tell you its a lot of fun! The powerful 750W motor, capable of reaching 1400W peak power. You can tackle hills and overpasses effortlessly, and the E-310 delivers a smooth, comfortable riding experience.

With a remarkable 90-mile range on a single charge (45-50 miles real world), the Addmotor CityTri E-310 is suitable for daily commutes, leisurely rides, or running errands without range anxiety. The reliable 48V 20Ah Samsung battery pack further underscores its dependable nature.

The CityTri E-310 e-trike has a half grip twist throttle and 7 pedal assist modes. Unfortunately, we only have one gear, so the pedal assist after 3 is pretty useless because you can’t keep up with the pedaling. I wish they would have given us a Shimano 5-speed or 7-speed gear set so we could utilize the higher speed modes to actually get some exercise. So for the most part I use the throttle almost exclusively which is fine with me.

addmotor citytri e-310

Cockpit Controls & LCD Display

The cockpit of the Addmotor CityTri E-310 gives the rider control of lots of different functions at their fingertips. On the left, you have an up and down button that controls the speed modes. Up raises your speed mode, while down lowers your speed mode. Above that are your left and right blinker controls and your horn button. Underneath your up-and-down buttons is your power button.

To turn the E-310 e-trike on, you must first power on the battery in the back and then long press the power button. Once powered on, your large LCD display will power on. Your LCD screen gives you information including your speed, odometer, speed mode, battery indicator, voltage, and more.

The Addmotor CityTri E-310 is the only one of its competitors that is equipped with triple-disc brakes. On your handlebars, you have controls for your front and rear disc brakes. On the right disc brake handle there is a button that you press when you are not riding that acts like a parking brake. It prevents your rear wheels from moving, effectively stopping your e-trike from rolling away.

addmotor citytri e-310 basket

Rear Cargo Space

One feature that electric bikes and e-scooters don’t have is the ability to carry cargo. The Addmotor E-310 e-trike has a large cargo area in the back, allowing you to carry groceries, run errands, carry towels and sunscreen to the pool, take out the garbage, or even take a cooler to the beach. The possibilities are limitless. I use it to take garbage bags and recycling to the dumpster. I have also taken it to get the mail and the store once or twice.

Addmotor does offer a waterproof rear basket storage bag. This will protect your precious cargo from the elements, just in case you experience bad weather. You install it by using the Velcro straps on the bag to attach them to the bars of the rear cargo basket. It has a split zipper that goes in both directions around the top of the bag. If you want to purchase this bag for your Addmotor E-Trike, click here.

addmotor citytri e-310
addmotor citytri e-310
addmotor citytri e-310 basket

Addmotor CityTri E-310 Ride Quality

Let’s start off with the bad news. E-trikes can be dangerous if you go too fast around turns. The third wheel doesn’t allow you to lean like you can on an electric bike, so if you go too fast, you could easily flip the e-trike and injure yourself. SO just slow down around turns, and your fine! The good news is that this is an extremely fast and comfortable electric trike. It has a front hydraulic suspension to soften up your ride, and the seat has an adjustable back rest that allows you to lean back during your ride, taking pressure off your back.

The rear differential ensures smooth and safe cornering, while comprehensive safety features include bright LED lights, turn signals, and powerful disc brakes on all three wheels. Additionally, the E-310 is equipped with a button on the rear brake handle that acts as a parking brake, offering peace of mind on inclines.

There are advantages to riding an electric trike over an electric scooter or e-bike. For one, you don’t have to worry about balancing. If balance issues have prevented you from riding e-bikes or e-scooters, you can now enjoy e-biking with your friends and family. Secondly, you can ride with one hand (safely, of course), and you don’t have to worry about getting speed wobbles and crashing. So if you have to itch your nose, go ahead and itch.

E-310 Folding And Construction

The Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 easily folds in the frame near the pedals, and the handlebars fold down to make the E-310 super compact. The folding mechanism is a latch that is super easy to operate. The e-trike should be able to easily fit in the back of an SUV and maybe some large trunks in its folded position. The Addmotor E-310 is made from aircraft aluminum, guaranteeing strength while keeping the weight down at the same time. The 7020 aluminum frame gives the E-310 a weight capacity of 280 lbs, with an extra 100 lbs of cargo allowed. 

Final Thoughts On The Addmotor CityTri E-310

While the AddMotor CityTri E-310 won’t replace every bike or car in your garage, it certainly carves out a unique niche for itself in the urban transportation landscape. If you prioritize comfort, convenience, and practicality in your daily commutes or leisure rides, this folding electric trike deserves serious consideration. Its ease of storage, impressive range, and versatile features offer numerous advantages for city dwellers with limited space, those seeking a comfortable alternative to cycling, or anyone looking to navigate their world in a more eco-friendly way. Ultimately, the decision depends on your individual needs and budget, but the CityTri E-310 is a strong contender for anyone seeking a fun, practical, and enjoyable e-trike experience. Remember, a test ride can tell you more than any review, so why not give it a spin and see if it takes you where you want to go?

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