Apollo Phantom V3: Control Is The New Power!

“Control Is The New Power” that’s Apollo’s motto for the Phantom V3. What exactly do they mean by that? Apollo has put more control in our hands making our electric scooter experience even better than before. It all starts with the brain of the Phantom V3. Apollo has designed their first controller and its called the Mach 1. The advantages of the Mach 1 is Apollo has the freedom to customize anything as the designer which includes some of the new features on the phantom V3. Apollo has also been able to have 1 controller control both motors. So, 2 controllers turns into one because the Mach 1 can handle them both. Before I tell you more about the upgrades let me do a quick rundown of the specs without the upgrades for those of you who are not familiar with the phantom to get you up to speed.

Apollo Phantom V3 Specifications

  • Power & Range:

    The Apollo Phantom V3 has two 1200-watt motors which allows the V3 to go up a 25° hill with ease. It has a top speed in LUDO mode of 41mph. The range of the V3 is 40 miles on a single charge.

  • Battery & Charging:

    Apollo has equipped the V3 with a 52V 23.4 Ah battery. The battery is comprised of 126 x18650 lithium ion batteries. It takes 12 hours to charge from 0-100%. Its a little longer than some of my other scooters of the same battery size.

  • Brakes & Suspension:

    Apollo has given us front and rear disc brakes. The V3 upgrade includes the new Regen braking throttle, giving you more control over your electronic braking. The ride is nice and smooth thanks to the quad adjustable suspension, easily adjusted with a spanner wrench.

  • Street Tires:

    The Phantom has 10"x3" tubed pneumatic street tires. Its street tires give the V3 a nice, smooth, and quiet ride. If you need replacement 10x2.5" inner tubes, they can be purchased from Apollo or online.

  • Speed Modes:

    There are four speed modes on the Phantom V3. Speed mode 1 will get you to 15mph, speed mode 2 up to 25mph, speed mode 3 up to 38 mph, and the new LUDO mode has a top speed of 41mph.

  • Frame Material:

    The frame is made from strong aerospace-grade aluminum. This keeps the weight of the electric scooter down and the strength up. The strong frame allows the maximum weight capacity to be 300 lbs.

Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrades!

Apollo Phantom V3 Controller

Mach 1 Controller:

Apollo has designed their very first in-house controller or ESC (Electronic speed controller). Think of the controller as the brain of the electric scooter. It receives power from the battery and then sends power to the motors and other electronic components. Additionally, it receives inputs from the throttle and the new electronic speed brake. With the Phantom V3, “Control is the new power,” and the Mach 1 controller is a big part of what makes that happen.

Moreover, the new Mach 1 controller allows Apollo to fine-tune the Phantom to have a really smooth acceleration without jerking you around. Not only that, it also enables the new regen braking and the ability to connect to the Apollo app, along with other programmable features that Apollo can add to future versions of the Phantom. Consequently, Apollo wouldn’t have this type of freedom if they were using off-the-shelf controllers in their scooters.

Apollo Phantom V3

Regenerative Braking Throttle:

The Phantom V3 features Apollo’s first dedicated regenerative braking throttle. For those of you who don’t know, Regen braking uses the motors to stop you instead of using your hand brakes. Not only that, it also turns your motors into generators, returning power back to your batteries. According to Apollo, the new regen braking can recharge your battery 5-10%.

The biggest advantage of using regen braking is that there is no wear and tear on the motors, especially your brakes and their components. In the past, regen braking worked with either an on or off signal. In other words, when you press the regen braking, it would be at 100%, and when you let off, it would be at 0%. However, with the new V3 regen braking, you can use it just like a throttle. As a result, the more you press on the brake throttle, the more intense the electronic braking becomes.

New Larger Brighter Screen:

The Phantom V3 comes with a completely new screen. Notably, its refresh rate is much higher, and it’s now twice as bright. The screen displays essential information such as your current speed, battery level, speed mode, headlight icon, and Bluetooth icon when connected to the app. To access different speed modes, you simply press the power button once. By pressing the power button twice, you can conveniently turn the headlight on and off. By pressing the power button three times will enable LUDO mode, offering a thrilling experience. Lastly, pressing the power button four times allows you to activate and deactivate the cruise control feature.

On the left side, you’ll find the M button, which controls various menu items, including the timer, range, volts, remaining battery, and odometer. With a single press on the M button, you can effortlessly switch through the different menus and access the information you need.

Apollo Phantom V3

New Variable Throttle:

Part of the upgrade from the V2 to the V3 is the new throttle. Thanks to the Mach 1 controller, Apollo was able to engineer the throttle to function just like a gas pedal. Consequently, the more throttle you give, the more power you receive. Furthermore, even in Ludo mode, if you wish to creep really slowly, you can achieve that by gently pressing the throttle. This feature aligns perfectly with their motto “Control Is The New Power.”

One outstanding aspect of the new throttle is its smoothness, which ensures it doesn’t jerk you around when you engage it. Instead, it eases you into the acceleration, providing a controlled and seamless experience. Make no mistake, it accelerates just fine, but it stands out with its controlled and smooth acceleration when compared to other scooters where it’s either all or nothing. In the video above, I demonstrate in detail how the new variable throttle works.

Apollo Phantom V3

Apollo App Compatibility:

With the new Mach 1 controller designed by Apollo, we now have the exciting ability to connect our scooters to the Apollo IOS or Android app. To get started, simply download the app, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, and follow the prompts on the app to establish the connection with your scooter. As I mentioned earlier, Apollo’s belief in “Control Is The New Power” is evident in the level of control they provide to enhance our riding experience within the app.

This includes various customization options, such as controlling the strength of your throttle response and the new regenerative brake. Moreover, you have the flexibility to switch between four different speed modes, including the new LUDO mode. The app also offers detailed ride tracking, navigation assistance, and access to essential scooter statistics like voltages and temperatures.

Apollo Phantom V3 Controller
Apollo Phantom V3
Apollo Phantom V3
Apollo Phantom V3

Additionally, the app caters to your security needs by allowing you to lock your scooter remotely for added peace of mind. You can also conveniently turn the headlight and taillight on and off as needed. Furthermore, the app facilitates software updates, ensuring you always have the latest features and improvements at your fingertips. All in all, the Apollo app packs in an impressive array of functionalities to enhance your overall riding experience.

Final Thoughts:

The Apollo Phantom V3, as of this writing, stands out as the highest quality electric scooter I have ever owned. The attention to detail in its build quality is unparalleled, and Apollo’s commitment to using high-quality parts shines through in every aspect. Personally, I appreciate their decision to design their own controller, and I sincerely hope they continue this trend, relying less on off-the-shelf parts in the future.

Ride Experience

The ride experience of the Apollo Phantom V3 is simply superb, thanks to its pneumatic street tires and quad adjustable suspension. The suspension’s rebound is delightfully smooth, and adjusting it with a 3/4″ spanner wrench from Amazon is hassle-free.

What Impresses Me About The Phantom V3

What impresses me the most is the level of control I have over the throttle and regenerative braking. The throttle offers seamless and consistent response without any dead spots, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. The regen brake provides the flexibility to control your speed downhill precisely, eliminating the need to use mechanical brakes. The beauty lies in the app’s feature that allows you to dial up the maximum strength of the throttle and brake, allowing easy customization according to your preferences. Speaking of the app, it provides extensive control and data about your scooter and rides, making the overall experience even more enjoyable.

Is the Apollo Phantom V3 For You?

In conclusion, the Apollo Phantom V3 is a prime example of a high-quality, well-engineered, fast, and long-range electric scooter. If you’re in the market for a top-notch electric scooter, the Apollo Phantom V3 should undoubtedly be among your top choices. To witness more riding footage, be sure to check out the video review above. And if you’re interested in purchasing the Apollo Phantom V3 or upgrading from a V1 or V2, you can find relevant links below.

Apollo Phantom V3 2023

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Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit

Purchase an Phantom V3 upgrade kit directly from Apollo. You get the Mach 1 controller, screen and regen brake and variable throttles.

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