Autel Evo 2 Intelligent Flight Modes Tutorial

The Intelligent Flight Modes On The Evo 2 Drone.

Drone enthusiasts know that the ability to capture stunning aerial footage is a big part of what makes drones so appealing. With the Autel Evo 2 drone, you can take your drone game to the next level with its advanced Intelligent Flight Modes.

The Evo2IntelligentTracking modes include dynamic tracking, tripod tracking, and parallel tracking. Each mode is designed to help you capture the perfect shot, no matter what you’re trying to film.

Dynamic Tracking Mode

Dynamic tracking mode is perfect for capturing moving objects in all directions. The Evo 2 pro dynamic track mode uses advanced technology to follow an object no matter where it goes, making it perfect for following fast-moving subjects like animals, vehicles, or people.

Tripod Tracking Mode

With tripod tracking, the Evo 2 will pivot on its axis to follow the tracked object without moving from its position. This mode is ideal for situations where you want to capture a stationary object without losing focus. The tripod tracking mode allows for smooth and stable footage, even when the drone is stationary.

Parallel Tracking Mode

Finally, parallel tracking mode keeps your drone at a fixed distance from the tracked object and follows it at a parallel angle. This mode is perfect for tracking objects that move from side to side, such as boats or cars. With parallel tracking mode, the Evo 2 drone will keep the object in frame and at a consistent distance, making it perfect for filming events like races or parades.

If you want to take your drone skills to the next level, be sure to check out the full demo on #AutelEvo2ProTracking. You’ll master all three Intelligent Flight Modes and be able to capture stunning footage from every angle. After watching this video, you’ll be tracking like a pro!